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    Why you should attend AMEE 2019

    We’re delighted that the AMEE Conference has become the premier education networking event for medical and healthcare professionals from around the world. 

    Why you should join us at AMEE 2019 in Vienna:

    The AMEE Conference is widely recognised as the key annual medical and healthcare professions education venue, regularly attended by colleagues from around the world.

    • Network with likeminded colleagues and peers form around the work who are passionate about excellence in education and patient care
    • Hear about innovations and developments in health professions education across the continuum which you can take back to try in your school or institution
    • Present your ideas and work to others in an interactive forum and receive feedback
    • Expand your horizons by attending sessions on a wide range of topics, some of which may be outside your immediate area of interest and expertise
    • Continue your own personal and professions development by contributing to sessions and by reflecting on what you have seen and heard at the Conference

    We hope we have succeeded in presenting a balanced programme with plenty of choice for everyone. Whether you work in undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing education, and whether you are a student, teacher, dean, administrator or researcher, there should be plenty to interest and to challenge you.



    Caution: Beware of registration and housing scam sites.

    There are several rogue sites that are posting information for the AMEE 2019 Conference and are NOT AFFILIATED with either AMEE or Worldspan Plc